Thursday, October 21, 2021


SOS from South Sudan

There is no time to lose as starvation is wreaking havoc and a disaster is unfolding in world’s newest country South Sudan.

Conquering Space

While we doff our hats to Isro’s amazing feat, we now need to go for the big bucks in the heavy satellites market

Putting cricket back on track

Indian cricket’s great opportunity to find a fine balance between autonomy and accountability is here and it must not be lost

What Trump ordered and why

Instead of analysing the executive order on the basis of who issued it, here’s a look at why it was issued and why seven countries were singled out

Nightmare with no end for return of Kashmiri Pandits

The deep pain and alienation of Kashmiri Pandits need to be addressed for reconciliation and return of Kashmiriyat

All at Sea

With Trump taking over and China making its intentions clear, South China Sea could become a serious global flashpoint

Think long-term with FRBM funds

The borrowed funds need to be used for productive purposes so as to contribute to higher growth

First for Business

When Telangana, the infant State, riding solely on its showpiece Hyderabad, scored a lowly ranking 13 in the Ease of Doing Business in 2015, the stakeholders were in a sombre mood.

A State in unrest

Bridging the divide among the three major communities needs to be first step to address alienation in Manipur.

World falls apart at Aleppo

The colossal human tragedy has stained the world’s conscience and tainted the legacy of Barack Obama, much like Rwanda tarnished Bill Clinton’s.

Now, deal with Trump

If the US President-elect keeps his word, the Trans-Pacific Partnership’s promise of the world’s biggest market will simply vanish.

BRICS brick by brick

A joint approach on issues of international concern and strengthening bilateral relations were the big takeaways

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