Make the most of your college life


When in college, striking a balance between fun and responsibility is very important for a secure future. The three to six years you spend in college can influence at least the next ten years of your professional life. Here is some suggestions on how to make the best use of your college life.

First semester is important

If you are in campus, the first semester will determine how your stay would be during the 3-6 years you spend there. Make sure you are not carried away by the freedom. Do not get intimidated by the difficulty of the course or smart peers. Be focused on what you have to achieve by the end of college.

Stay attentive in class

Standing first in class is not as easy as it was in school. So, concentrate on every lecture and learn what is taught in the class, on the same day. This is the easiest way to deal with academic pressure. Feel free to ask the professor to repeat if you have not understood something. Make friends and collaborate on studies. Professors usually set examination papers based on what is taught in the class. So paying attention in every class will help you do well.

Master your subjects

Yes. Less than 5% of what you learn in college is useful at work. Still, you have to strive to stay on top in academics. One reason for this is because, though little, you do use what you learnt in college at workplace.

Reason two is this journey develops in you the ability to conquer fear and win over the competition. The idea is to build your self-confidence.

Choose good friends

Make friends with students who are serious about studies. You will need their support to be able to perform well at studies consistently.

Respect teachers

Good teachers do all they can to bring out the best in you. So do not hate them because they are being tough to you.

Play outdoor games

Games complement learning. When you are physically energetic and active, you can concentrate better and do well in studies.

Build skills

Success in professional life is determined by mastery on five skills – problem-solving skills, influencing skills, team working skills, systemic thinking skills and project management skills. So, strive to pick these skills. Seek help of the Internet and peers. Chart a learning path and follow it.


Try your hand at various activities related to your studies. For instance, if you are pursuing B.Sc Computer Science, try creating web pages, building databases and programming. This will help you discover your likes and dislikes, and abilities. Explore job opportunities in fields related to your studies. Take psychometric tests. Discuss your career interests and plans with parents and professors. Allow them to guide you.

Chase excellence

Mediocrity is dangerous to professional excellence. So whichever field you chose, strive to be best in it.

Prepare for placements

Start preparing for placements a year in advance. Zero in on an industry and functional role. Explore what it takes to land a job. Read about what it takes to succeed in the field and the challenges you would face. Connect with people in your field to learn more about the job. Make the most of summer training opportunities.