Civic bodies focusing on vermicompost generation


Hyderabad: For increasing the green cover and creating more lung spaces in and around the city, both Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority (HMDA) and Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) are now focusing on generating vermicompost from garbage.

HMDA Commissioner B Janardhan Reddy directed the officials to generate vermicompost in the railway corridor areas of the Outer Ring Road (ORR) by digging compost pits one each in Forest Manager’s area. He said only organic waste was to be obtained from neighbouring gram panchayats and municipalities for preparation of compost.

He asked the officials to ensure that dumping of non-degradable waste was prevented and the railway corridor was not used as garbage dumpyard. In case of any violation, penalties are to be levied on respective gram panchayats and municipalities. The compost prepared would be utilised for the plantations of HMDA as manure, said Reddy.

Similarly, GHMC is also taking steps to generate more vermicompost from 2,510 metric tonnes of garbage. Everyday 5,280 metric tonnes of garbage is generated in the city and of this, 2,510 metric tonnes is wet waste, 1,952 metric tonnes is dry waste and the rest 820 tonnes comprise other waste.

All the segregated waste from the transfer stations is shifted to the Jawaharnagar dumpyard. Excluding the 820 tonnes of waste, the rest of waste was being used for generation of compost and power at the dumpyard. Among the 20 transfer stations in the city, 100 per cent dry and wet waste segregation was being maintained at nine stations, while the rest of the stations manage only 75 per cent of the waste.