Cisco to digitally transform Telangana

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Hyderabad: American software giant Cisco has partnered with the government of Telangana to launch a slew of initiatives in areas of digitisation, education, entrepreneurship and technology.

For the city of Hyderabad, the company has signed a MoU to establish Internet of Things Innovation Hub and a Living Lab near Hitech City; to set up Digital Zone smart city project in Hyderabad and deploy digital solutions at the Qutub Shahi tombs.

As part of this, Cisco will deploy City Digital Platform that will include smart Wi-Fi, smart parking, lighting, traffic analytics at key junctions, Remote Expert for Government Services, smart environmental sensors, smart waste management and smart control centre to monitor and manage the city with greater efficiency and effectiveness. The company also informed that it will develop new applications specifically for the Indian Smart Cities and collaborate with the State for its upcoming smart cities in Telangana.

For entrepreneurs, Cisco has set up a Centre of Excellence and Living Lab in T-Hub that will foster regional innovation, and enable startups to build solutions around IoT and cyber security. CoE will act as a platform to bring all stakeholders of the ecosystem to showcase their possibilities of the IoT.

Lastly, in terms of education, the company is planning to provide remote education in 10 schools in Karimnagar wherein faculty can remotely teach every school in the State. Cisco will set up virtual video-based classrooms in 10 remote schools in Karimnagar district for inter-school learning. The solution will connect the district school to the remote schools for the sharing of faculty. Cisco will deploy the solution to connect these schools over HD-quality video conferencing to share the faculty across the connected schools.