Chiranjeevi’s call excited Harish and Varun


Gaddalakonda Ganesh (Valmiki) started thrilling moviegoers right from the opening day with praiseworthy performances of the duo, hero Varun Tej and director Harish Shankar. The movie managed to keep the cash registers ringing.

Excited about the cherished success, the team met the media on Friday evening. Director Harish shared that “Chiranjeevi sir, Allu Arjun called to congratulate me for the impact the film made on the audience”. He said that they also appreciated his work and the stunning performance of Varun.

“This is the first time in my career to have this kind of phenomenal report about my film. Varun’s dedication and his emotional style enriched every frame of the film. Emotions and entertainment have carried the show. ‘Valmiki’ stands atop with astounding openings in Varun’s career and I wish it should gross the best,” he said.

The day before release, the team was in total chaos over the title change issue and Court order. Else, we would have been much happier now. I do not know who won finally. But, the film won the competition,” Harish said.

Varun said that they could not sleep till the premier shows were screened. “Now, the response rendered us sleepless. Chiranjeevi uncle and Allu Aravind sir made by morning with their heartiest wishes. The victory belongs to the whole team,” said the hero. The producers Achanta Ram and Achanta Gopi looked happy about the success they could draw out of the film.