China Bistro gets an appetising upgrade

China Bistro

The foodies in the city have always looked forward to China Bistro when they crave for authentic Asian cuisines. Making our lives tastier, China Bistro has launched its new menu.

And, without a doubt, the restaurant has upgraded its menu for the better — in terms of quality, quantity and presentation. China Bistro gets an appetising upgrade

Read on to explore some of its signature dishes and other items diners can try to enlighten their palates. We often skip the soup, but you might want to reconsider because their Laksa prawn soup is a treat for seafood lovers. It’s a creamy thick soup with noodles, veggies, coconut milk and Malaysian spice.

For starters, diners can nibble on quick bites like Dynamite broccoli, which is broccoli deep fried with batter and is slightly sweet and tangy. Their Lobster dumpling with xo and Smoked New

Zealand lamb might be some of the most expensive items in the menu but they are just too good to resist. They are not only cooked to perfection, but I also found them to be absolutely finger licking good. The Lamb shank in Randang is another appetising dish from the main course. It’s an Indonesian curry that is served with aromatic jasmine rice.

Here, it’s the sauces they prepare their dishes with that gives the food a twist, so dig every sauce they serve. Moving on to the dessert, I tried the Chocolate Tsunami and though the only thing that didn’t impress me much was the dessert, their presentation was spot on. It’s for those with a sweet tooth — a chocolate mousse-based, layered with brownie and caramel, almond crunchy.

China Bistro, for sure, has upped their gameplay and offers a promising menu, which is bound to impress their visitors. Their ambience is simple, yet spacious and organised, while the service is brilliant. Cost for two would come up to Rs 1,300.