Check out the latest camera trends

camera trends

Whether one is an amateur photographer or a professional, updating themselves about cameras and related stuff is something passionate photographers love to do. So, here are a few vlogs that guide you through the process of choosing the right camera besides giving you step-by-step tips on photography.

Incredible Science Vlogs

Looks like this vlogger is one among those experts who can just play with cameras. He grabs a camera, roams around every corner, clicks pictures and just uploads. He also keeps uploading videos comparing one camera with the other and tells us which is the best camera available in the market right now. He says that after tons of research, he found it possible to explore on cameras. In his recent vlog, he explains about the features of Canon G7X Mark II by comparing it with Sony camera.

The Daniel Life

camera trendsThis vlogger explains you very well about what all you can do with a camera. He tells us how to choose it according to its size, memory, capacity, features, specifications and battery. The videos on this channel are good at explaining about small-size cameras for pockets. He explains how to connect camera to WiFi and applications in phone and also about how to click pictures with camera and share them through phone. The logger has recently focused on Panasonic DNC-SZ10 with flip screen and explains how to use it in the right way.

Video Influencers

camera trendsVloggers Benji and Shawn describe well in their vlogs how to go about choosing the camera according to our comfort. They focus on the clarity of image, its weight and a few more things to choose the right one. The duo are experts is selecting cameras as they just keep vlogging for YouTube. They say that cameras need to be lightweight so that we can carry it anywhere and that’s why it has be chosen carefully. They also explain how much should we invest in cameras and which ones are worth investing.

Roberts London

camera trendsThe vlogger explains what all do we get with a camera and what we may/may not miss with it while booking. He compares cameras and explains the differences. He teaches how to connect cameras with social networking sites and smartphone applications. He also explains in detail how to connect it with cloud.

Casey Neistat

camera trendsThis vlogger explains how future cameras can look and how to videograph with them. He has every new camera in hand and explains what kind of cameras are needed and the accessories to be chosen for cameras. The vlog also teaches how to register for future cameras and shows us how to choose and use them with ease. To update oneself about the list of new cameras in market, one can follow this blog.