Changing tech turned books into audio files


In this digital era, everything is just one voice or click away. People are relying more on smartphones rather than gaining knowledge from books.

Kids are equally exposed to such technology as parents find it easier to let them get addicted to the screens than engage them in an interesting activity. Tied up with their busy schedules, the modern-day working parents just hand over the phone to kid so that they can watch, listen or play anything of their choice.

The nineties’ generation grew up listening to stories from their grandparents and parents, or reading a story themselves once they’re able to do it on their own, but kids of this generation are used to listening to stories from ‘Alexa’, ‘Google’ or YouTube, and reading rhymes or fairy tales from gadgets.

On a positive note, however, they are informational to kids. School-going kids are more familiar with using hi-tech gadgets and can access information with a few swipes; somehow carrying books became equal to downloading them as apps and listening to them mostly. And reading one’s favourite book is more or less like ‘listening to the story anytime everywhere’ as with technology and progress, things changed and turning pages now means swiping.

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