Card friendly wallets


Almost all men express concern over credit cards breaking in their wallets. The top strip of the credit card, Id proof or loyalty cards are prone to breakage in the long run. This is usually the case because of inadequate cushioning provided by thin and bi-folding wallets. A new set of innovative designs in wallets were created to overcome this problem. Let’s take a look at them.

Metal cases 

The hard casing provides ample support and protection to the wallets. Right from online stores to in-flight merchandise, they are hugely advertised and accessible. Metal wallets come in different designs like the one with single section, which is just like a small and sleek metal box to put all the cards together or the multi case which has sections to store an array of cards individually.


The tri-fold ones are older versions of the contemporary bi-fold wallets but also notice how they didn’t have so many cases of cards breakage then. This is because of the additional cushioning provided by an extra layer. 

Single file

These ones can easily be carried in the front pocket or in the shirt pocket. As a result, they won’t be subjected to weight. Another innovative way to use them is to attach them behind a cellphone case. Since cellphones are always carried in the hand or the front pocket it eliminates the prospect of cards breaking.