Capricio, one of the most popular bands in Hyderabad


Hyderabad is replete with musicians and bands enthralling the audience with songs from any genre you ask for. However, there was a gaping gap when it came to some quintessential regional music. Filling the gap melodically is Capricio, a city-based band known for their mesmerising medley of Telugu songs.

Over the course of one year since its inception in November last year, Capricio has evolved to be a name to reckon with. With Eknath Kiran and Ganesh Krovvidi at the vocals, Sai Teja at percussions and Shravan Pakalapati at the keys, the ensemble, which came together through mutual friends and a common passion, brims with an infectious energy that is unique to musicians. As we catch up with the band right before their gig at The Gallery Café, the youngsters share their story and ambitions. Excerpts:

The scene, then and now

When we started out, the scene was completely dominated by English and Bollywood songs. People were expecting bands to play DJ versions of Chura Liya Hai, Gulabi Aankhen, etc. Even we started on the same note but slowly started including Telugu in our playlist.

A few good people started encouraging us, asking, “Why don’t you sing more Telugu songs?” So we started increasing the number of Telugu songs and pushed it to a 50-50 ratio of Bollywood and Telugu. Initially, the latter counted for perhaps some five to 10 per cent. Now we’re known for rendering Telugu songs.

In the beginning, we used to play at places like Stone Waters — but only Bollywood. It was actually The Moonshine Project people who encouraged us a lot to do Telugu songs. In fact, they wanted us to play only Telugu songs because they said they were keen to promote the regional stuff.

Their modus operandi

AR Rahman and Ilayaraja are our inspirations. We grew up listening to their songs. We make a medley of their songs as that appeal to the audience more than just one whole song. We are all classically trained and all of us have a distinguished taste in music. So, we try to blend that and concoct a unique taste to our music. Right now, we are planning to bring out some original compositions.

Our aspiration is to take Telugu songs to the international arena. Being Telugu people, we wanted to encourage more Telugu songs into this scene.

Their favourite picks

We follow a lot of bands. Agam is our favourite. We are also fans of Thaikkudam Bridge, Masala Coffee. It is not like we have anything against English songs (laughs). We listen to John Mayer, Coldplay, etc., avidly and try to bring in those elements too to our songs.