Camp wedding is turning out to be the new trend


While the grandiose of a lavish wedding is definitely compelling, a lot of people have now started to think out of the box. For couples who want to keep the wedlock a simple-yet-unique, memorable affair only with a small circle of friends and family, camp wedding is turning out to be an ideal choice.

Finding the campsite

Start hunting for the ideal location well in advance. It is important to see that the dates fall in place and the location has all the facilities available, or at least has the scope to set up everything as per your concept. “Safety and hygiene should be two important factors that you must not miss out on while selecting the site,” says Manisha Mehta of city-based wedding planners group Gala Events.

Other basics

Since it is going to be a small group of people, it is also going to be easier to conceptualise the wedding. “Guest management is the most important aspect. Décor can wait, but ensuring the guests are at ease should come first. Keep a provision for medical emergencies ready,” Manisha adds. Organising fun activities like bonfire and games will enrich the experience.

Tenting up

An outdoor wedding in tune with the music of nature is, undoubtedly, lovely. But always have a plan B ready. See to it that the campsite has facilities to make an indoor arrangement in case of emergencies. Set up extra tents anyway for people to gather, refresh and store things.

Watch out for electricity

Campsites almost always fall on the outskirts or the rural side, hence ensuring basic amenities like electricity are in place is important, especially if the wedding is happening at night. Check if there is a need for keeping generators as back-up, apart from checking plug points.