Call details help police nab teen in Hayathnagar murder case


Hyderabad: The increasing dependency of people on mobile phones is indirectly helping investigation agencies confront and connect suspects with many crimes.

The Hayathnagar murder case is the latest wherein the mobile phones of the prime suspect Keerthi helped the police find the truth even after the suspect denied it.

The suspect tried to mislead the police by levelling allegations against her own father. Keerthi came under the radar when she said she was in Visakhapatnam on a tour while her mobile phone location revealed she was around Hayathnagar. The police then confronted Keerthi with her call details record after which she admitted to the killing.

This is not the only case. In several cases, including high-profile ones, the call details record has helped the police solve crimes without adopting conventional interrogation techniques.

The call details record is the summary of the calls made or text messages sent from any mobile phone number.

“We call it a ‘Diary’. The CDR speaks everything about the person who maintains the phone – his character, his regular activities, complicity or involvement in crime, his visits to any particular places, his route. Almost everything, including the planning part, frustration, panic and even the escape,” explained a senior police official.

The call details record data provided by telecom companies on the requisition of the police is mostly in MS Excel sheet form and classified into a summary, IMEI number, day calls, night calls and tower locations among other details. Moreover, the police can also monitor real-time movements by tracking the phone by collecting geographical coordinates.

“Huge volume of data is provided by the companies and for the purpose of studying and analysing it, a tech-savvy officer is needed. Mostly Inspector and above rank official analyse the data to study the criminal and connect him or her with the crime,” the official said.

Realising the importance of call details record data as a piece of valuable evidence, the police department has now technical teams in various police units.

Recently, the Hyderabad Commissioner’s Task Force got a new technical team for the purpose of providing necessary technical assistance to field officers. Central investigation agencies already have such teams who monitor the activity of any person by various methods, including tracking his/her mobile phones. In several terror cases as well, the call details record data proved to be of immense help to investigation agencies.

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