Cabbie fled with cops’ wireless set


Hyderabad: A car driver reportedly fled with the wireless set of a traffic police constable who attempted to stop the vehicle during drunken driving enforcement drive.

The incident, which came to light on Thursday, happened under the Jeedimetla traffic police station limits on April 15.

According to police, the traffic cops were on an enforcement duty near Shahpurnagar vegetable market when a cab driver was found moving in the wrong direction. Though a senior police officer tried to intercept the car but the driver tried to outrun. Despite being signalled to stop, he tried to drive the vehicle at high speed but a constable, Raju, managed to stop it, the police added.

The Jeedimetla SI K Ramakrishna said even as Raju was trying to talk to the driver through the window, he accelerated the vehicle. In the process, the wireless set fell inside the vehicle while the antenna of the set remained in the hand of the constable.

However, the missing device cannot be traced as it was without the antenna.

“A complaint has been registered against the driver on Monday and investigation is going based on the clues obtained after examining the CCTV footages,” the SI said.


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