BSE issues cyber security advisory

Sensex (BSE) at Dalal Street, Mumbai

New Delhi: Leading stock exchange BSE has asked market entities to take preventive measures to protect their information systems from dreaded cyber attacks, which has impacted companies across the globe. Recently, a slew of dreaded cyber attacks like WannaCry, Petya and Locky Ransomware have impacted the computer systems worldwide.

“Increased cyber security risk is a direct consequence of the digital world we live in, where computing devices, online networks and technology infrastructure are becoming integral to our daily lives. Modern financial systems also operate and depend heavily on these same networks and infrastructure. Financial institutions operate critical payment and settlement systems and maintain sensitive customer information. Given the recent complex attacks on information systems, it has become even more relevant and closer to home that end users, market intermediaries and investors are in tune with the cyber threats,” BSE said in a notice.

In order to prevent infection, BSE has advised users and organisations to update their Windows software, check security solutions and ensure they have backup in place. It also advised users to refrain from clicking on suspicious emails and regularly update the security patches on their PCs. Besides, antivirus updates need to be pushed to all end-users and servers.

“In case of any suspicious activities or have been breached, do not attempt to fix on your own, report the incident as soon as possible to the IT helpline numbers. It is important that you cooperate and provide as much as details to the technician attending to you,” the exchange said. Noting that “malwares/viruses/trojans/worms/ransomware” has brought extortion to a global scale, BSE has abstained users from paying any ransom.