Bringing slokas to a public forum


Learning and improving ourselves is common, but learning and imparting education for free is done by very few people. Meet Musti Sudha from Serilingampally teaching slokas and music for free.

Sudha started teaching her neighbours and family friends initially, but later she started to travel to different places of the city to make people aware about Hindu culture and traditions. There is no age limit for people who wish to learn from her.

“I started when my kids where young, my husband and I returned from the USA as I requested him to settle down in India. We have so many things here that people are not aware of, our traditions are unique, I want to teach what I learnt from my parents,” says Sudha.

“My father taught my mother all the slokas. She was the first lecturer from a Brahmin caste, my father stood behind her and supported her in her higher education. We learnt many things from her as she was a daughter for Gayathri Pittadipathi who made her learn more slokas which she shared with us,” adds Sudha. She started with numbers first. Before teaching others, she first tried it with her children. “They use to repeat the numbers from 1 to 100 in reverse format, so they would have good memory. Later I started teaching small slokas and Lalitha sahasranamam and explained the meaning of it,” says Sudha Rani, mother of two children.

So far, Sudha has trained 10,000 plus people in Soundarya Lahari. Now, some of her students from different places have also started teaching slokas.