Bring your closet-basics together, with a twist!


Every once in a while, it’s crucial to take a hard look at the things you haven’t worn in a long time. And, once you figure that out, it’s easy to do away with them and bring in a dose of freshness in your closet. Helping you do this is the curated a mix of wardrobe essentials to help you amp up the glam quotient. Bringing the basics together with a twist, Narendra Kumar, creative director at Amazon Fashion shares the essentials one needs, to be the trendsetter that they were born to be!

Some like it high

Swap out your old style with high-neck tops this spring. These are perfect for any body type because of the slimming effect they have on the waist. Get experimental with sleeve types and go beyond the basic half and full sleeves.

Sole mates

Formal footwear has just gotten an upgrade with pointy toes. They are a top hit this season as they highlight your fetching ankle and legs. Make a great statement with shoes that add definition to your attire.

Watch it

A big bold dial is a must-have on any girl’s accessory list. Add a bright colour to give an understated yet striking appearance that elevates the glamour quotient of your outfit.

50 shades of denim

Indulge in summery pastel shades such as pale pink and mint green for shirts, jeans and skirts. Whether its skinny or flared jeans, style them with a white shirt and bright sneakers for a classy and casual look.

Crossbody it

What was originally only used by hikers has now become a fashion statement. You can sport a chic nude coloured bag or go all-out with a multi-coloured and glittery crossbody bag.

Go chunky

The delicate appeal of a woman wearing an oversized ring or a multi-layered necklace has undergone a revival. Instead of dainty pieces being layered, chunky jewellery will be the stacking piece of choice. Gold is evergreen and is sure to be in tune with arrival of summer.

Deadly combo

This trend blends functionality with fashion seamlessly to create a chic, but wearable look. This effortlessly stylish trend is here to stay, so stock up on these leggings, jackets and sports bras for the summer.

Ethnic with a twist

You want to wear a cooler fabric for the summer. A cotton anarkali is the perfect solution to beat the heat in style. Choose cooler colours or neutral coloured styles and elevate your outfit with brightly coloured jhumkas.