Break your denim addiction with these pants


Be it for office or weekends, for events or just for a casual day out; owning enough pants is a must for men. But, often, men, when set out to purchase a pair of trousers, end up buying jeans. Hence, here are some unsung options that you might have not considered, but definitely should.

Cropped trousers
These trousers are meant for this season. They allow the ankles to breathe while still giving a good space to your footwear to showcase its look. Cropped trousers go well with both formal and off-duty settings. They look edgy and are a great way to spice up a normal looking outfit.

Plaid pants
Break your denim addiction with these pantsNail your wardrobe basics with this pick. The options are endless and a perfect street-style mash-up. But, take a cue and select plaid bottoms that suit your aesthetic, define your style.

Corduroy pants
They are back in style and it’s time you introduce them to your wardrobe. Corduroy pants are also known as cords. Making a statement, the stripey fabric adds a classy touch to formal attires. Try teaming a pair of dark corduroy pants with a sweatshirt or even a blazer.

Twill chinos
They are easy-going, but, the key to make sure it looks great is to opt for a correct fit. And then, just pick a simple colour like beige, grey or black that can match up with any shirt or t-shirt and you are good to go.