Break away from insecurities & be free


Ways to approach a troubled relationship, which is often suffocated with issues of trust, self-acceptance and assumptions

Every relationship needs an abundance of trust and to be who you are. Be it friendship, couples or family — when there is no trust and only insecurities abound, the relationship will never be a smooth ride. They are the root cause of a lot of problems in relationships, and though it maybe difficult to deal with, there’s always a solution.

What are you insecure about?

First things first, there will be multiple reasons as to why you’re insecure and what is the reason behind. Try to figure out by paying attention to when you are being insecure and how you tend to behave. When you get an idea of what the issue is, try to seek a solution. You can always talk to the other person or someone you trust.

Strike a balance

We often tend to only look at things from our perspective, which, sometimes, can be the main culprit for a troubled relationship. Try putting yourself in the other person’s shoes and see what s/he might also be thinking about. At the same time, do not submerge your feelings as well.

insecurities Never compare

One of the common reasons for a person being insecure is because of his/her inability to trust and lack of self-acceptance. Trust is the main pillar to have an understanding and a happy relationship. On the other hand, when someone ends up comparing, envying, and fails to embrace the person they are, it only makes it more toxic. You might want to take care of these two elements.

Communication is the key

You deserve to be heard… so, tell your friend, parent, siblings or lover about how you feel. Without communication, how else do you think you can eliminate the tension. At the same time, be ready to listen to how the other person feels too.
Try to avoid overthinking, which will only worsen the situation between you and your loved ones.