Brave the summer with breathable fabrics


Sunil Mehra, founder and designer at Sunil Mehra and Akshay Narvekar, founder at Bombay Shirt Company, have listed fabrics for men that will keep them cool in the heat.


Considered one of the best fabrics for summer, linen made of flax plant fibres is a good moisture absorbent. The material is loosely woven and is extremely lightweight and breathable. Shirts and formal suits made of linen are well-liked during summer as they remain cool and absorb sweat. Men can take their pick from soothing shades of greys, sky blues.


The soft material is ideal for summers. Even when blended with other fabrics, it is considered a great option. Our body breathes in cotton apparels and combats heat. One of the important features of this fabric is that it is easily washable and durable.


This soft, luminous and light weight cotton fabric is a great choice for a fresh yet elegant look, while still keeping it cool from the inside. Appearance-wise, it is similar to denim, and can be paired it with chinos and suitable accessories for a smooth, versatile ensemble that works from desk to dinner.


A popular weave, twill stands out for its distinctive diagonal ribbed texture. Twill fabrics are soft, more durable and drape easier as well. These shirts work well for situations that call for smart casuals perfect for summer getaways.


A sturdy and blunt fabric, often dyed with indigo, denim is in vogue this season. Denim shirts, however, are softer and lighter than jeans and work very well for a number of occasions. Don that classic denim shirt for a smart, cool and a timeless look. You can’t go wrong with this one.


An abstract of luxury, silk is one of the lightest fabrics around. The delicacy and luxe inherent with it give the wearer a refined, elevated look at all times. Being light weight makes it easy to carry under the sun. Suitable for formal occasions, silk should be limited to short office events and evening wear.