Beware of online slander

online slander
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In the social media driven world today, it is considered unusual for someone to have zero presence online.

It is a rarity and it is also a rare not to fall victim to online slander. You have to think twice before posting something on your wall. It needs to be well-researched and that too after doing a fact check.

Here are a few tips to stay away from putting your foot in it:

Think before you write

Don’t get carried away with your emotions. Check the facts and then articulate your opinion. Your words are going to be stored in a database and taking them back is not very easy.

To the point

Be specific and avoid resorting to comparisons or ambiguity. Basically do not give the reader a chance to read between the lines and make fuss about it. Keep it simple and you will be far away from trouble.


Do you ever feel your sarcasm could get you killed someday? Well, you better stay away from posting anything remotely like that online then. There are many who won’t understand your brand of sarcasm and get offended…

Keep it private

You might get away with criticising public figures, but it is not going to be the same when you do the same with the common man. If you have issues with somebody, avoid getting back at them online because in most cases it backfires. And, you get a bad name and rep.

Be prepared

If you have actually made a mistake, be prepared to deal with it. Keep your ego aside and apologise. Genuine mistakes are always forgiven. Correcting your posts is actually a very good way to keep yourself out of the drama.