Be calm, no scurry

Be calm, no scurry

For an average Indian, a majority of summers in the childhood were all about ice creams, shady trees and spotting squirrels. Quick on their feet and incredibly intelligent, squirrels can make fun pets. While adult squirrels are quite difficult to befriend, ideally, squirrel pups can be easily acclimatised to human presence.

Wild and free
Typically being tree-huggers, these tiny creatures are at their happiest when in the wild. However, abandoned or injured ones can have a tough time to adapt or get used to their surroundings, as they are generally thought to be solo warriors. The phrase, ‘a scurry of squirrels’ is a rare phenomenon. As a thumb rule, only adopt a squirrel that has been either abandoned or injured.

Feeding patterns
Squirrels are from the family of rodents, so feeding them with munchies that have a good bite to them will be handy. As they mostly eat fruits, small bugs and even fungi, one should be prepared to find food with similar nutritional content. A good suggestion would be rodent blocks purchased at a pet store.
Make sure your pup stays hydrated, so make sure you keep water at a place which is reachable.

Nut a big deal
Even though mainstream media shows squirrels to go crazy over nuts, it is to be noted that nuts and seeds are addictive, and over-consumption of these can make them obese.

Keeping warm
Provide your squirrel with a good cage or a bird house like residence to rest. Make sure you provide a warm bedding space to keep them from hypothermia. Socialise your squirrel but protect the pup from potential threats.