Be a ‘smart’phone user


Make your life less stressful by learning a few smartphone hacks and do away with barriers that can affect your daily life.

Remove unread mails from icon

This can be disturbing in many ways. To see the 1k unread mails and the inability to see the email app icon is stressful. In order to get rid of the unread email badge, here’s what you need to do – go to settings, ‘App & notifications’ or ‘Notifications’, click on the email icon and disable the ‘Badge app icon’.

iPhone record

Did you know that you have a screen record button in your iPhone? It records the screen along with the audio.
Go to settings and add ‘Screen recording’ option to your control centre, and then tap on the icon to start recording.

Auto-saving WhatsApp pictures

While you can disable auto-download in your WhatsApp, you can also stop the pictures from being saved in your gallery.

For iPhone users, simply go to the settings in the messaging app, click on the chat option, and then disable the ‘Save to camera roll’ option.

How to save battery

In order to make your batter last longer, you can refrain from quitting the apps you frequently use, hit the low power mode, turn off location services. When you are just left with 20%, switch to airplane mode.