Be an awesome vegan momma


Vegan lifestyle is on the rise, with more and more people making an effort to lead a healthy, eco-friendly life. However, adopting it also calls for a thorough research and in-depth understanding.

For vegan mothers and mothers-to-be, these YouTube channels serve as great guidance, spreading awareness and providing tips that come from experienced mothers.

That Vegan Mom

Mother of twins, this uber cool vegan woman is there to help you with a variety of pregnancy-related queries, including post-partum weight loss.
She shares tips to stay healthy, how to manage a busy schedule with kids, food hauls, recipes, how she feeds her son, exposing vegan myths and misinformation, and much more.

Jinti Fell

Jinti Fell’s channel is a must-watch for more than one reason. A travelling vegan family of three including partner Chris and daughter Ayana — currently living the ‘van life’, exploring their beautiful home country, Australia, she is living the life we thought was quixotic. She shares videos about the van life, minimalism and veganism, especially when you have a toddler around.

Rawfully wholesomeBe an awesome vegan momma

Rebecca is a vegan mother of two girls, Caprice and Haven, and “a lover of all things natural, a voice for the voiceless, and a mamapreneur,” as she defines herself. Together with her husband Jonathan, she takes care of her happy vegan family and shares with us, her food, health and lifestyle tips.

Shine with PlantsBe an awesome vegan momma

Fabiola, a young mother currently based in Chicago, narrates her journey to spread awareness about the plant-based lifestyle through her channel. She also shares glimpses of the vegan upbringing of her daughter Chelsea — be it the watermelon birthday cake or snippets from their daily routine.

Ellen Fisher

From her water home birth to tips on healthy pregnancy, breastfeeding and recipes for kids, Ellen Fisher’s channel is definitely a source of inspiration. She also releases e-books filled with mouth-watering vegan recipes.