Wednesday, October 27, 2021
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Siddharth Rao


Hyderabad startup aims to increase Indian content in GIF space

As of now, the platform is completely free to use, for both businesses and consumers, as they are focused on acquiring customers now.

Why you should be worried about a number getting added to your phone contacts?

It means, the possibility of everyone being the victim of hacking and data theft is as real as the Sun rising in the east.

Demand to check practice of FGM in Bohras

While the issue has been raising eyebrows for years now, for many female members of the community, it is a harsh reality.

Twitter users bash matrimony ad for its sexist, elitist tone

A Bengaluru based matrimony agency, Young Achievers Matrimony, is now on the receiving end of extensive criticism from twitter users after its ad in...

SS Rajamouli, Saina Nehwal among takers of the green challenge

Last week, K Kavitha, TRS MP from Nizamabad took up the ‘Hara Hai To Bhara Hai Challenge’ initiated by Igniting Minds, an organisation dedicated to...

Rahul Gandhi’s Jaado Ki Jhappi with Modi and the wink that followed is internet’s latest craze

Hyderabad:Rahul Gandhi gave a fiery speech in the parliament earlier today, with the no confidence motion going on. He took several potshots at Prime...

Google results show face of Trump when someone types ‘idiot’

Now, the protestors have also managed to bomb Google in such a way that Trump’s picture shows up first when someone searches for the word ‘idiot’.

Trump’s face pops up when someone googles ‘idiot’

The American President Donald Trump recent visit to UK sparked protests by tens of thousands of people. This followed his harsh assessment about the...

An inspiration to young dancers

Having been initiated into the world of dance by her dancer mother at a very early age, Sravya started learning Kuchipudi formally at the age of nine.

Yahoo! Messenger has been shut down after a 20 year run

In an era long before WhatsApp, Snapchat and the likes dominated our social interactions, there was just the one. The iconic Yahoo! Messenger was...

World Emoji Day: Why it exists?

Emojis, often referred to by the misnomer ‘smileys’, are one of those things that are used on a daily basis without much of a...

Haryana girl clinches gold and bronze at World Para Athletics Grand Prix

Ekta Bhyan, a Para-Athlete from Haryana, has carved her name into sports history by securing two podium finishes at the World Para Athletics Grand...

Watch: A Trash Dump In Hyderabad Has Been Transformed Into A Cycling Park

The Palapitta Cycling park, which is India's first cycling park, was inaugurated by the Minister of Municipal Administration and Urban Development, KTR, a few...

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