Monday, September 20, 2021
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Kota Saumya


Sugar Blushed: A cornucopia of luscious fudgy brownies

Mississippi mud pie swirl brownies that are as good as their name and are among the bestselling brownies at Fatema Kanchwala’s startup Sugar Blushed

Nakul doesn’t like being typecast

Singer Nakul Abhyankar shares what he likes about working with AR Rahman and turning composer for films like College Kumara

Micro weddings of the pandemic

Couples choose to script their own version of wedded bliss

These cakes will make your dog go bow wow

Dog-a-Licious is a haven of delicious cakes, cookies, and chews for pet parents in the city

‘OTT gives relevance to actors like me,’ says Smaran Sahu

Actor Smaran Sahu seen in the web series Bekaaboo 2 reveals why he prefers OTT platforms to films

Kombucha brewers make profit

A few enterprising individuals take to brewing their own flavoured concoctions of the fermented drink and are raking in loads of moolah

Postcards not a thing of the past

Here’s the story of a few people who continue the tradition of exchanging colourful postcards with people around the world

Grandpa & grandma to the rescue in online era

With the school going online, many grandparents have turned teachers, mentors, and tech support

Covid-19 outbreak spawned some outwardly creations in the kitchen

Here’s a look back at some of the wackiest cooking trends that went viral during pandemic life.

The new ‘Wild At Heart’ collection by fashion designer Aaina Mahajan

The new collection celebrates the unfettered nature of the modern woman

Hyderabad-based Murtle, a nature-friendly footwear for happy feet

Murtle, brainchild of a city-based couple is a desi and conscious footwear brand that doesn’t want old shoes to end up in landfills

Perils of Insta-inspired fitness

People urged not to follow Instagram fitness influencers blindly who claim fast results in a short time

Ananya and her ‘chill style’

The Student of the Year 2 actor gets candid about lessons learnt during lockdown, working on sets and taking life as it comes

YouTube happened on a whim, says Anisha Dixit

The young YouTuber reveals how the video-sharing platform offered her the chance Bollywood didn’t

Artistic expressions of lockdown chores

Some chose to channel their feelings into art and created works that captured what a woman went through and is still going through in the after-effects of the pandemic.

Arpita Mehta comes out with coffee table book ‘The Mirror’

Arpita Mehta gets talking with Hyderabad Today about taking a year to come out with the book and what she takes away from every collection.

DIY food kits on a platter

The spurt in people selling these food kits mean a gourmet meal is no longer out of bounds for novice chefs

Meet Teja Paruchuri, man behind popular YouTube channel Vismai Foods

Teja Paruchuri who runs the popular channel Vismai Foods reveals why it’s important to get your basics right

Meet Gulabo Sapera, a famous Kalbelia dancer

Gulabo is credited with creating the energetic and graceful Kalbelia dance moves that appear similar to the movements of a serpent.

‘Mock meats’ gaining traction among millennials

A few years ago, the mention of mock meats would have made people turn up their noses at the prospect

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