Saturday, September 18, 2021
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Sameeksha Bansal


Make it picture perfect

Take a look at few tips that include some do’s and dont’s for your profile pictures.

App to manage your passwords

LastPass allows you to use and sync the app across devices.

The hard journey of a startup

The book in many ways is a reflection of Horowitz’s own journey as he juggled between selling, managing, funding and everything in between.

Marketing matters

Coursera module covers accounting, operations and others

Profile pictures says a lot

The saying goes ‘A picture is worth a thousand words.’ Or something like that. While I may not always agree with that, the saying...

Get help with videos

Youtube becoming a trusted avenue of information

Elon Musk and his companies

Some individuals invariably end up having a huge, disproportionate influence. One such person influencing a wide variety of industries is Elon Musk.

Handling the struggle within

Option B is Sheryl Sandberg’s second book, after Lean In, and has been co-authored by Adam Grant. The book, launched earlier this week, is...

App to manage family members’ tasks

Managing your own day and tasks is tough enough, imaging having to juggle you kid’s schedule too. Today, children perhaps have an equally packed...

Managing projects better

Online course presents a comprehensive understanding

Juicero getting squeezed

Forget that you can do the exact same thing with you bare hands. Juicero wants to call their product everything but a juice!

PurpleTalk Book Review

As you can tell, the book has a particular subject it addresses, and although the book was first published back in 1991, its contents are just as relevant today

Task management app from MS

Task management app from MS

Go viral with marketing

At the heart of any successful campaign is its outreach and the engagement. But how does one make something go viral?

Facebook targets Snapchat

Facebook’s current battle is with rival Snap Inc, and their flagship product Snapchat. Rival is perhaps a strong word, since snapchat has a userbase of 150 million compared to the 1.6 billion of Facebook.

Tips for working from home

Having a designated workplace. Working out of the comfort of your bed might be the reason you prefer working from home, but as far as productivity goes, this is the worst.

Snap getting snapped

Snapdeal is getting also some unwarranted, negative publicity, as many outraged Indians, have mistaken Snapdeal for Snapchat.

Strategies for startups

The book caters to a specific audience: an entrepreneur looking to launch and wannabe entrepreneurs in the stage for making business plans or marketing plans.

App that keeps you fit

The app integrates with wearables like Fitbit to export exercise related information and supply the calories consumed number.

Learning to manage time

Time Management is the mantra you’ll hear from every successful person. Fortunately there is plenty of information out there to help you.

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