Saturday, September 25, 2021
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Beware: Free public WiFi poses threat to personal data!

Avoid personal banking, online shopping on unsecured networks, say cops

Enhanced security in Hyderabad pharma corridor

The situation has prompted the Cyberabad police, as the first step, to enhance visible policing in the pharma corridor following requests from the fraternity recently

Cyberabad Anti-Human Trafficking Unit yields good results

The unit of Cyberabad Police arrested 72 persons for trafficking

Travelling with drunk drivers also a crime: Cyberabad traffic police

According to Traffic police officials, it was noticed that most of the motorists driving in an inebriation condition had someone accompanying them on bikes, cars and other heavy vehicles

Scam Alert: Cops warn people against ‘spin-a-wheel’ contest!

The links, police said, were phishing links, with the website itself being a fake one!

Hyderabad: Drunk drivers may lose licences on the spot

This is after the police began noticing that even after many being jailed, courts and RTA suspending and cancelling licences, many were still drunk driving

Rachakonda anti-human trafficking unit may get PS status

Plans are afoot to accord AHTU the status of police station

Rachakonda cops’ timely action saves man’s life

In the wee hours of Tuesday, mobile patrol staff of Kushaiguda police saved an elderly man who allegedly attempted to die by suicide in the Kapra Lake

Beware of online property frauds

Cyberabad Police advices people to beware of online property frauds while buying or investing

Rise in accidents: Cyberabad Police shift focus to city outskirts

The Cyberabad Traffic Police is planning to start a weekly review of the road accident trends and other aspects of road safety and enforcement to curb accidents

Conviction rate in Rachakonda up by 51%

Police secure verdict in its favour in over 60 cases from February in which 94 persons were imprisoned

Hyderabad: Cyber crooks lay New Year traps

Create fake accounts of hotels, eateries with attractive offers to gain access to victim’s details

ATMs on Hyderabad outskirts soft target for inter-State gangs

Despite several notices, banks are failing to upgrade security at these kiosks, say police

Online loan sharks on the loose

They lend money for short term and collect huge interest from borrowers, which is sometimes 23 per cent of the loan amount

‘Striking Force’ to guard special occasions

Wing is inspired by the Black Cat commandos of NSG

Punters using fake GPS apps to play online games

With a ban in place on online games such as Rummy, a game of chance, punters are now resorting to using fake Global Positioning System (GPS) location apps to mislead the police on their location

Cyberabad traffic cops go novel to check violations

Vehicles of those caught riding without helmets to be released only after they get one

Accidents on rise on Cyberabad roads

Officials said of the 84 road accidents between September 28 to October 4, 14 were fatal and 70 non-fatal with 89 persons sustaining injuries

Cyberabad Police warn people of dating frauds

Issues advisory asking them to be cautious

439 killed in road mishaps in Cyberabad this year

Nearly 2,000 accidents reported so far this year, with most occurring between 7 pm and 8 pm

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