Friday, October 22, 2021
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Madhulika Natcharaju


Sketching Hyderabad is this man’s passion

Travel sketcher and Nizampet resident Viswaprasad Raju’s book Via Ink & Pen is his 10 years’ worth of sketches at a glance

Naidu’s gangster flick to release on May 31

Falaknuma Das is all set to hit the theatres on May 31

Enjoying your child’s dental adventures

Be prepared to predict, prepare and enjoy your child’s first dental eruption

Here are few fun card games to play with your family

Shuffle those cards, nice and proper and make that family time more interesting

Life happened while I was busy painting, says Sajid Bin Amar

My father was a commercial artist. I used to see him paint and started helping out at a very young age.

Android users can now share Netflix content

Netflix users can now let their friends know what they are watching on Whatsapp and Instagram

Steamy affair with some tasty idlis

A classic south Indian delicacy, it is an amazing health booster

Inspector Chingum rules kids’ hearts

The show is an eponymous spin-off of the popular Motu Patlu franchise

Ways to control panic attacks

Whether it happens on a regular basis or just those brief spells, it is important that you seek professional help immediately

Ravindra Bharathi curating culture for 58 years

Ravindra Bharathi has been a major medium for artistes to showcase heritage in urbanity

Bonding over jars of pickles

Though it may appear tedious, the process of making various kinds of mango pickles is actually pretty fun and provides an excellent opportunity to make memories.

Underwater is Anup J Kat’s favourite backdrop

Well-known Indian photographer Anup J Kattukaran specialises in customised photo shoots and describes the world under the ocean as ‘unique and fascinating’

‘Mako Mermaids an H2O adventure’ unlocks underwater mysteries

The story revolves around three mermaids and their attempts to reverse the magical merman properties that a land dweller accidentally acquires

A guide to gardening with children

Throwing the doors to world of gardening wide open is an excellent form of character building

Spidy gives spoilers in ‘Far From Home’ trailer

The recent trailer of Spider Man: Far From Home comes with a warning from Peter parker himself

Things you should carry inside your car

The when, where and how of a vehicle emergency isn’t predictable; so one must always prepare to handle those unhappy surprises

Rice, an essential part of Telugu weddings

A symbol or purity and prosperity, it is a vital part of almost all rituals

Hyderabad is fascinating, says former White House photographer Pete Souza

“I was very impressed by the questions that came my way, they were thoughtful and very well articulated; it was very nice to see the kind of response photography has, especially from the youngsters.”

Honourable imprints of The Big Bang Theory stars

As the show goes off air, the cast of The Big Bang Theory become the first among telly stars to have their hand and foot prints preserved.

Ashish Chanchlani’s gully cricket, the deadliest battle of all

An internet sensation, who is winning hearts.

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