Saturday, October 23, 2021
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Madhulika Natcharaju


Stuffed toys need a regular bath

Stuffed toys need to be washed regularly to ensure their longevity

Yuvraj Singh’s farewell video goes viral

With the cricketer announcing his retirement, celebrities and fans alike are flooding his social media handles praising his contribution to Indian cricket

Wisdom tooth on its way?

A sharp sudden pain at the end of your jaw is a tell-tale sign that your last set of teeth might soon be coming out

When was the last time you cleaned your laptop?

Cleaning the device regularly helps in this proper maintenance and longevity and if you are a regular user, this process can also help keep your device healthy.

Jonas Brothers’ musical comeback

The album, Happiness Begins is their first unified release in a decade almost

Back to school: Get set, go

With a majority of the educational institutions set to reopen this week, the city is bustling with shopping and last-minute preparations 

In conversation with actor Allari Naresh

Born in Palakollu in 1980 and moved to Chennai at the age of 9 months, this talent has carved a niche in the Telugu film industry.

‘Always Be My Maybe’ now streaming on Netflix

Netflix’s Always Be My Maybe follows childhood sweethearts Sasha and Marcus, and their struggle to adapt to each other’s worlds

Wildlife photographer from Hyderabad shares his passion

A 28-year-old resident of Vidyanagar, Bhargava Srivari says capturing fauna in all its natural glory is his greatest passion

No more Nutella?

Time to stock up on your supply of this delicious chocolate-hazelnut spread as there may be a worldwide shortage of it soon

Exfoliate your skin naturally with loofah

Owing to their different shapes, sizes and materials, loofahs are an added plus among your bathroom accessories

How to rinse out the bacteria from your water bottle

If you wish to keep your water bottles clean and free of germs, regular maintenance is the key

Lucifer: A twisted tale of choice and fate

Currently streaming on Netflix, Lucifer talks about the time when the devil gets bored of the underworld and chooses to relocate to Los Angeles

How to customise your aquarium

The simplest of accessories will work wonders on the overall look of your aquarium

For a positive and peaceful aura

Maintaining an indoor water fountain is actually quite simple

Taking Indian delicacies online

Owing to this popular and relatable concept, a post on Twitter that shows a platter in the shape of India Map filled with popular delicacies of each of the 29 States is going viral.

Seven things you should know about bath bombs

Using bath bombs during that peaceful soak in the tub tops the to-do list of your ‘me time’

Lose control with RJ Ayushi

This 24-year-old Radio Jockey from Alwal says RJing isn’t what she does, but it is who she is

A literary take on culture

Prof Jayadhir Rao Tirumala’s latest work, Tovva Muchchatlu part 4, documents 53 real stories highlighting the rich heritage of Telangana

Your fin friends can thrive better in a clean and healthy environment

Irrespective of whether you have fresh water or sea water fish, when it comes to cleaning and maintaining their habitat, steps that you need to follow are quite similar.

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