Saturday, October 23, 2021
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Madhulika Natcharaju


Not for the weak-hearted

Have you tried hopping up in the air, tumbling into mystery tunnels or being held hostage for a ransom -- at these new entertainment centres in the city?

Magic of a parents’ touch

'Kangaroo Care' is one of the best ways to form an attachments with kids

Ornate bands of elegance

Exploring bracelet trends for those who let their statement pieces stand out

‘Kasautii’s promotion stunt leaves viewers awestruck

With the king of romance, Shah Rukh Khan introducing the show and its characters and the fact that it’s an ‘Ekta Kapoor’ product is enough to get the crowd talking.

Brainstorming over eco-friendly Vinayakas

“The desire to win this competition used to be so strong that we used to plan and come up with eco-friendly ideas at least a month in advance,” says Prashanthi

Gorilla’s unusual friend leaves caretakers speechless

A silver black gorilla of the African sanctuary for Apes rendered his caregivers speechless with his extraordinary friend when they went to check on his group.

iPhone named after Doritos flavours?

With three new models of iPhones coming out on Wednesday, Apple is trending on most of the social media platforms. While a lot of...

John achieves EGTO status

It's rare for a performer to receive all the four Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony awards

The mystic and beautiful purple eye effect

Those blessed with this hue are said to enjoy perfect health, body, and look younger

The Salt N Pepper look: All the grey matters on screen

Why grey hair is a bane for some and boon for others.

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