Wednesday, September 22, 2021
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Keerthana .B


Art is the answer

Timothy Marthand’s philosophy is firmly rooted in the pleasure of learning

Look chic in espadrilles 

A flexible sole made out of esparto rope is the striking feature of this footwear 

Tickle that funny bone

There is never a dearth of weirdos in this world and the internet is ready to lap it all up

How cool is George RR Martin!

His fans adore him for his supercool personality.

Colour Spectra 2 at ICCR Art Gallery is an assortment of poetic expressions

Colour Spectra 2 features over 28 artists from different parts of the world.

Ushering towards achievement

Ila Tripathi’s 71 to 51: My Journey from Failure to IAS & Your Guide to Success is a one-stop guide for aspirants.

Here is what you need to know while interacting with differently-abled

The first step towards minding your manners is to practice inclusivity. Accept and accommodate them with their conditions.

You’ll look at your everyday life differently after checking out this post

Internet is a place where people draw pleasure from doing things that literally make your hair stand on end. Here are a compilation of such photos created by

There is always space for humour

And that’s exactly what happened on Thursday evening, when the insane rush towards the newly-opened IKEA store, plus a rain that thundered down the city, created a massive traffic jam on the Hitec City road.

Tender care for the hair

While the damp scalp will definitely make way for dandruff growth, hair fall can emerge as another pressing problem.

Digging through to the other end of Earth

The concept of antipodes addresses one of our all time curiosity

Decluttering demands your focus and energy, so make sure you have a plan

Cardboard boxes are of great help to sort and store things, making it easier to transport.

This Pandora’s Box unleashes everything good

The city-based progressive metal/experimental band released its EP Divergence recently.

Nothing short of a spectacle

‘Tales of the bull and the tiger’ by Shankarananda Kalakshetra leaves the audience mesmerised.

Kunchacko Boban and Lal Jose team up again

Following a lot of speculations, the actor himself took to his official Facebook page to announce the new project.

These cafes are ideal spots for your pets to spend time with you

Hyderabad is becoming less of a place for such worries. It has turned immensely pet-friendly over the past couple of years, with even services like pet spa being made available.

It is all about teamwork

It might not be intentional and is purely instinctive, but it does make for a good laugh and we are reminded all over again why we find them super adorable in the first place

Kiki challenge hits the fields

Not just because the song is catchy in itself, but because of a rather ridiculous trend that has emerged out of it.

Mainly about the mane 

A beard adds a certain oomph factor to the look, but it comes with careful grooming even for a messy beard, which is also a trend. And monsoon, with all its humidity and dampness, can take a toll on beards.

The sassiest creatures on earth

Their philosophical takes on life is truly intriguing (those who know one Mr Garfield would understand).

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