Wednesday, September 22, 2021
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Jaya Vellampalli


Belle with beautiful eyes

Dance is the tool of communication for her and she believes in sending across her message using it as a medium for communication. Known for her unique choreography, she has dedicated her life to dancing and hasn't stopped till date.

‘The Chair’, a film that shows how society tries to control one’s life

Director: Sumit Singh Cast: Sushant Divgikar, Prerna Dua Title: The Chair

These two exciting series await you

These new shows have something exciting and interesting for viewers

Anarkali or masakali for every occasion

It is the go to ethnic dress that anyone can pull off with ease. Be it a festival or wedding ceremony, salwar suit will never fail you. Unlike in the past, there are many options to choose from as well. So, here are some tips to pick the right one for various occasions.

Different pencil shades for your eyes

Pick blue, green, pink or purple — the choice is yours

Aliasgar Rajkotwala, a self-taught photographer

“I think it happened because I was keen about pursuing it,” he says. Ali shares that it was he who gifted himself a basic DSLR to capture the beautiful nature during his outdoor adventures. The businessman mentions that he has come a long way from that point.

For a better life

And the end result of all this is exhaustion and unhappiness. But, instead of going through all this, can’t we try and lead a life that we are happy and peaceful about, where there is space for complaining. It is difficult, but not impossible to achieve

Durjoy Dutta steals hearts in Hyderabad

The author was in the city for a book launch and interacted with fans

An exorbitant workout tale of Kareena

The actor was spotted leaving her gym wearing a t-shirt worth Rs 45,000

A fearless pillar of support

Defying all odds, Jameela Nishat stood up for millions of women

‘It’s Not That Simple’ is a captivating narration

This is a web series that deals with friendship, love and marriage

Kuala Lumpur, a favourite destination

Take a quick round, when you get a chance and don’t miss these places

Aparna, a self-taught painter

This floral artist is one of the few to master the blade and porcelain painting

Put in some effort to beat laziness out of your life

It does a lot of damage and messes up your routine in a bad way. This is not say that being lazy is bad and everyone deserves a lazy day after a hectic work schedule.

Enhance and feel empowered

Makeup has expanded its boundaries, and now women are not shying away from using it.

Ready to hit the dance floor with ‘Dame Tu Cosita’?

Take up the Dame Tu Cosita challenge and groove to some cool, energetic beats

Indulge in foods high in omega fatty acids, B-vitamin and fibre

Dr Deepa Agarwal, chief nutritionist, Tanvir Hospital, shares some tips on how to maintain a healthy heart.

Artist Gundu Anjaneyulu keeps it real

Artist Gundu Anjaneyulu has found his niche in realistic portrayal of the village life

Try these games: The Witness, 80 Days

80 Days is a game for people who love travelling, but the challenge is that the player has to go around the world in 80 days.

Make most of your summer vacation

Tick these off your list, before you plan a trip during the season

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