Tuesday, September 21, 2021
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T Takuangla Jamir


Simple hacks for cat owners

Having a feline as a pet just got so much easier!

Let’s jive to live gigs

Hyderabad picks up Indie music as pubs offer performers some space.

Dress like your boyfriend

When confused about what to wear, picking up stuff from men's wardrobe can give you a look trendy

Gift your boss like a boss

They are economical and unique no personality and gender bar.

A happy winter for homeless Hyderabadis

How warm and joyful are you going to make people on streets this fall?

More power to Thupten Tsering

Heaps of praises for Indian Idol contestant from Arunachal Pradesh.

Let’s get down on the floor

Crawling movements are said to be like pressing the ‘reset’ button for us to regain our body strength.

Nose-ring crosses gender boundaries

Once adorned by women and admired by men, this tiny accessory is creating its own revolution.

Clowning Glory

The 10-day extravaganza provided many moments of laughter to kids and parents.

Time to patch up with diary

We all had our ‘Dear diary’ moment, but some of us have lost the art of keeping one.

From Japan, with love

Haiku is a new, cute restaurant with authentic Asian fare.

Hark! Now hear the angels sing…

With carols, singers bring Christmas cheer to the city.

Your wardrobe essentials

Do away with the notion of ‘I have nothing to wear’

Christmas gifts for everyone

Christmas gift shopping can give you a headache if you are clueless about what to buy so pre-plan and decide what to gift.

Banish that bloating

With these simple exercises, ease your frequent feeling of being full and tight

Raid your girlfriend’s wardrobe

Crazy as our idea may sound, feel free to experiment.

Take care of your hygiene

Pay attention to personal habits to keep yourself healthy and fit.

Have your own garden anywhere

It enhances your home, controls temperature, provides food and a good recreational space.

Stalking in cyberspace

Tolerating, ignoring or blocking the person are never an answer, says Swati Lakra briefing about the cyber bullying and stalking.

Alia talks about life and herself

A new video interview of the 23-year-old actor is getting attention.

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