Monday, September 20, 2021
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T Takuangla Jamir


Netflix ‘Lost in Space’ a reboot for modern viewers

The series released in April revolves around the Robinson family, who land on a planet that’s constantly changing.

Ace that messy hair look

Look extra sexy, laid-back-cool and edgy by learning a few dos and don’ts

The flavours of Sri Lanka now in Hyderabad’s Marriott

With a lot of resemblance in flavours and taste with Indian cuisine, especially south Indian, Sri Lankan cuisine is spicy, yet mild. Be ready for a variety of vegetarian dishes, seafood and key ingredients like carrot, coconut and pepper.

Trailer for Sanjay Dutt’s biopic is out and it looks promising

There is so much to look forward to in this film and the one-minute-twenty five-second trailer has just teased our excitement.

Pole your way to fitness

With celebrities and dancers setting the vertical pole ablaze during their workout sessions, can this trend be a window to blur its social stigma?

SKAM, a realistic and relatable drama

If you are up for something which is not mainstream and want to explore films of different countries in the world - you are in for a treat.

Cash crunch triggers DeMo déjà vu

Who knew that we would soon have to face another ‘temporary cash crunch’ and be left with no choice, but to sustain. Having said that, this time it’s not as severe as what we faced in 2016.

All you need to know about Keto diet 

Here’s what you should know about the much hyped low carb routine

Shimmer your way to music festivals

Get into the mood by wearing glitters, face jewels and fairy tale braids

Feast on the best Baisakhi delicacies

India Bistro is celebrating the harvest festival with a specially-curated menu loaded with scrumptious traditional food

Tips to spice up your suit

So, it’s always better to have a few hacks to make your budget suit look expensive.

Hyderabad women bikers conquer terrains and hearts

Four Bikerni from Hyderabad rode across India and South East Asia taking Telangana Tourism to another level

Glitzy, twisty makeup affairs

Straight from the runways and Instagram, these are the beauty trends to watch out for in 2018

How to rock the power suit in your 20s

Here’s how to ace the look and channel your inner girl boss without adding to your age

Fun gaming apps from Google Play

Impossible Bike 3D Tracks Get a chance to drive your favourite motorbike, and be fast and furious. The challenge is to ride on dangerous, yet...

Be single & not ready to mingle

Maybe not permanently, but here are the signs why you need to be single

How to handle those who snore away to glory

Though it’s expected from the snorer to try not to snore and take measures, there are things even you can do as well.

The super versatile longyi

On March 7, a video titled Longyi vs Pants, was released by a clothing brand called Longyi Brothers, capturing a lot of attention. The number of views did not escalate simply because of the garment, which, without any doubt, is comfortable, simple and versatile.

Pablo Escobar now in Hindi

You can now catch the internationally acclaimed series on ZEE5

Be a fabulous ‘misfit’

A few examples of such iconic videos that have nailed the art of ‘being extra’ are as follows. The list has to begin with the exaggerated red carpet poses by Korean comedian, Jang Do Yeon (, which went viral and saw a lot of people mimicking her.

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