Saturday, October 23, 2021
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T Takuangla Jamir


A few hygiene tips for women to keep infections at bay

For women, menstrual hygiene is very important. Not keeping up with the hygiene procedure can lead to many other infections.

Working out the buzz cut

Before you cut your hair short, here’s what you need to know

Yakhchāl, the traditional refrigerator

The dome-shaped cooler is found mostly in Persia, which was used to store ice and food

Maroon 5’s empowering music video

The ninth track from their album Red Pill Blues has a women empowerment message and a lot of us did not see that coming until the release.

Airedale Terriers are loved for their loyalty and outgoing nature

Airedales weigh about 19-25 kgs and are 58 - 61 cm tall. They are known for their energetic, confident, trustworthy and fearless nature.

Music transcends boundaries

It speaks in emotions, and if it’s in the bones, it’s in the bones.” Are you nodding your head? Well, these lines were said by musician and songwriter Keith Richards, and yes! One of the reasons could be this.

Lt Aishwarya Boddapati sails her way to glory

From learning nuances of the ocean, overcoming her fears and making her way to the all-women crew sailing in INSV Tarini, this is Lieutenant Aishwarya Boddapati’s journey

Speaking up with slam poetry

Gaining its momentum in the city of pearls, slam poetry is no more a new thing for Hyderabadis. Grabbing the interest and attention of a lot of youngsters in particular, there are Hyderabadis who write and perform slam poetry.

Youth and consequences, an intriguing teen drama

It premiered on YouTube Red in March, 2018 and gained momentum quickly. Here, Anna Akana plays Farah Cutney, who is the trendsetter and the most popular and powerful student in school.

Restoring faith in humanity

A Twitter user @humbledmedic, a few days ago shared a picture of a toddler in a white and pink dress, outside a refugee camp offering her food to someone.

China Bistro gets an appetising upgrade

Read on to explore some of its signature dishes and other items diners can try to enlighten their palates. We often skip the soup, but you might want to reconsider because their Laksa prawn soup is a treat for seafood lovers.

Hill with the crown of crosses

Even today people visit this holy place with prayers and hope.

Eat healthy even when you are broke

Budgeting and eating nutritious food may seem like distant relatives, but they are not.

The great debate of dramatic illusions

Yanny or Laurel? It's driving netizens crazy and getting the best out of the world, while we try to understand the explanation behind these ‘brain tricks’

Finding the work-life balance

Here are a few things parents can work on together for the smooth running of the family and work.

Perfect season to flaunt those attractive sandals

Make a statement with woven and lace-up footwear

Waving the flag for FIFA World Cup 2018

It’s going to be all about hitting to the nearest café screening the matches, cheering, anticipation, and a whole lot of fun, while hoping against hope for your team to win.

Why chips Virat? Netizens want to know

Silencing confused fans, the cricketer took it up on Twitter to talk about why he chose 'Too Yumm!'

How to dust, clean & store your beauty tools well

Here are a few guidelines to keep your makeup set in shape and hygienic

Make way for Mediterranean cuisine

With a Zen-like approach, this cuisine is now a delightful fare for the city’s food connoisseurs 

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