Friday, September 24, 2021
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JS Ifthekhar


Ayesha Nazneen’s solo art exhibition gave a peep into her dreams

This promising artist who hails from Dabeerpura, describes her works as impressionistic, abstract and contemporary.

Now Muslim women have a place to unwind in Hyderabad

The Luqma Studio started by Safa Society provides a platform for like-minded women to network and exchange ideas

Narendra Luther: A bureaucrat with wit and humour

Narendra Luther authored three books of humour in Urdu - Band Kiwad, Mizaj Pursi and Alif Tamasha

Remembering Khan Athar, Hyderabad’s well-known ghazal singer

For sometime Khan Athar was part of Abid Aur Dedh Matwale and Hangama, the comic shows of Hamid Kamal and Munawar Ali.

Get ready to groove to desi beats

Hyderabadi rappers Mudassir Ahmed and Syed Irshad are back with their new album 'Resurrection 040'

New book on Mirza Ghalib: the poet-intellectual

The book is sure to warm the hearts of aficionados

Art of enjoying ghazals

Elizabeth Kurian's The Art and Science of Ghazal, breaks down the nuances of the style helping listeners understand the fine poetry

Dance On The Graves: A gripping tale of Kashmiri unrest

This sordid tale also has some romantic overtones. Surely love can blossom even under the most trying times.

Dum-ke-Roat, a special cookie of Muharram

Dum-ke-Roat is the dish of the month. It sells like hot cakes during Muharram with people of all faiths rooting for it.

Online mushairas keep Hyderabad’s literary scene alive

In the last couple of months the city has seen half a dozen mushairas, literary meets and book release taking place on Zoom and Google Meet platforms

Nizamia Unani Hospital reaches out to patients through virtual mode

Patients with chronic illness are now able to access treatment from home

Mujtaba Hussain: Man who wrote his own obituary

While in life he had everyone is splits, in death he left the legion of his fan sad and dejected

When Urdu humourist Mujtaba Hussain wrote his own obituary

Perhaps he did not want anyone else to write how he exited the world. So he penned it himself even as he was fit as a fiddle. And the 'Apni Yaad Mein' piece remains a masterpiece of self-obituaries.

Lockdown restores Ramzan’s spirit

Lockdown provides more opportunities to show concern not just to one's kin and kith but utter strangers

Age, is just an issue of mind over matter for this 91-year-old Hyderabadi

Senior advocate Ghulam Yazdani has decided to change the way he ages rather than allowing age to change him

Awesome foursome of ‘dehqani shayeri’

Using simple language, Rahim Saib Mian, Nazeer Dehqani, Ali Saib Mian and Aijaz Hussain tugged at the heart-strings of Urdu poetry lovers with their rustic poems

A doctor with incurable passion

Dr Taqi Abedi’s love for Urdu literature knows no bounds and can be seen in the 62 books he has written so far

Dr Fatima Parveen: The ‘Bulbul-e-Deccan’

Despite being a science student, her mastery over Urdu language and literature makes her critiques that much more authoritative, knowledgeable and enjoyable

An engineer with a witty approach to Urdu writing

Nadir Khan Sargiroh’s stories about trivial things like raasta, chuha-billi and joote are full of proverbs, puns and punchlines

Altaf Husain Shadab, bringing cheer to desolate hearts

Considered the Charlie Chaplin of Urdu humour, Altaf Husain Shadab uses his rich repertoire of humorous tools to dabble in shayeri, ghazal, geet and parody

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