Wednesday, September 22, 2021
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Sarada Gayathri


Excited to take up challenging roles: Mrinal Dutt

The actor will be seen playing a homosexual in Alt Balaji and Zee5’s upcoming series His Storry

Hyderabad-based ‘Mad Cap’ takes art beyond boundaries

Gokul Raj’s ‘MadCap’ brings artists under one umbrella to conduct workshops in different cities

This grandma is a social media star

Chellam and her grandson Akshay have garnered over 243K followers on Instagram

A right composition of expression

Hyderabad-based celebrity makeup designer Tamanna Rooz shares about her journey, her first celebrity client, and her tip for budding makeup artistes

‘Stand Up Rahul’ first look poster creates waves

The upcoming film, which revolves around a youngster choosing stand-up comedy, features Raj Tarun and Varsha Bollamma in lead roles

A journey to the finale

Ruchika Sachdeva gets candid about presenting at FDCI x Lakmé Fashion Week Finale, her passion for fashion and more

Doodling their designs right

‘Over a Pint of Beer’ brings doodles out of the four borders of a page to the day-to-day lives through their collection.

Hyderabad-based Homecrop promoting ‘Urban Farming’

Homecrop, founded by four engineering graduates, helps you turn your balconies and terraces into farms

A random handloom-ed thought

Mother-daughter duo, Hetal and Lekhinee give shape to their fashion instincts through their brand The Indian Ethnic Co.

Businesswoman from Hyderabad promotes use of eco-friendly jute bags

“I wanted to do something to promote eco-friendly practises and stop people from using plastic bags even for their day-to-day shopping," says Jaya Saritha

Organic farmers’ market ‘EatchMandi’ stands out

This Sunday market gives an opportunity to farmers to sell their produce directly to consumers

Sonam Wangchuk creates solar heated tents for the military

The education reformist and founder director of the Students' Educational and The Cultural Movement of Ladakh always comes up with simple and effective solutions for several complex problems.

This Hyderabad-based group helps overcome OCD the right way

Sharath Kumar with his Hyderabad OCD group extends help to many suffering from Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder in city

It’s time to stand out with Telugu stand-up comedy

Artistes from Hyderabad are working towards creating a platform for Telugu stand-up comedy

Making a meaningful connection with jewels

Nikita Singh, an architect-turned-jewellery designer and founder of jewellery brand called Opalina, shares her journey from designing buildings to pieces of jewellery

Parampara: Dance series for preserving Hyderabad lakes

Madhulika Choudhary explains the importance of preserving water bodies through dance and other art forms

This Hyderabadi pours soul into soles

Tarun Oblum, a Hyderabadi handcrafted luxury shoemaker, talks about his journey

Madhav Bhoopal’s art of upcycling

Madhav Bhoopal, a garage-owner, has been transforming scrap into useful household items

A love story from yesteryear

Hyderabadi debut author Kinsley Kurien gets talking about his book 'Love Never Fades'

What’s the furore over WhatsApp?

Many fear ‘loss of privacy’ as new updates in its ‘Terms of service’ kicks up controversy

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