Tuesday, July 27, 2021
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Dheeraja Manvi


How to extend your tyres’ life

These tips would help keep them in shape and functioning properly

Creating ecosystem of art and culture

Kalakriti Art Gallery happens to be one of the most active and favourite hubs for art enthusiasts

Ways to clean hairbrushes and combs

Keeping your hair comb clean is the first step towards healthy tresses

The famous living rooms from Ikea

Now you can recreate decor from your favourite shows

Note the trends from lighting section to get perfect décor upgrade

Concealed lighting also known as cove lighting is a form of indirect lighting, where the light is directed towards the ceiling, and the lighting fixtures are concealed.

Best ‘cat-dad’ moments

This adorable photo collection is no less than a therapeutic session

Thorny little indoor plants

Being around succulents can do wonders for your memory and sleep

Apple watch oozes out acid

A woman who was wearing the gadget is left with a serious burn on her arm

For the wordsmith out there

These applications would act as perfect companions for literature enthusiasts

Stylish ways to tie a scarf

This simple accessory will accentuate your attire by several notches

Disney style comebacks

Note the witty and sassy comments inspired by popular cartoon characters

Fungi that breaks polythene

Indian scientists’ potential solution to one of the biggest environmental problems - plastic pollution

A flower a day peps up the mood

Turns out, we are just a one beautiful flower away from enhancing our state of mind

No camera ? No problem

Don’t let down the photographer in you; take great shots with your smartphone

A jack of many arts

It’s the thunderous applause from the audience that drives theatre artiste and film buff Ramdas Kamat.

Are you paying attention to what your dog is trying to convey?

While dogs do their job pretty well in understanding humans, it is us who tend to miss out on certain things that they are trying to convey.

Stay comfortable when travelling by bus

This summer, make sure you have a safe and comfortable bus ride

Traditional cookware makes a comeback

Forget the non-stick crockery, it’s the good old copper bottles and clay pots that are ruling the modern kitchens now

Kabir Singh Vs Arjun Reddy

Shahid Kapoor is remarkable, but Vijay Devarakonda remains to ‘the man’ who made the character iconic

How to make your ‘Me Time’ awesome

Having to spend a day all by yourself doesn't have to be a boring affair

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