Saturday, September 25, 2021
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Balu Pulipaka


Novel barter to battle plastic menace in Telangana

With offers ranging from one kg of fine rice for every one kg of plastic wastes turned in, or half a dozen eggs for two kilos of plastic waste, people in rural areas of the State appear to have enthusiastically embraced the new system in which everyone ends up a winner.

Hyderabad: Pigeon project to be more scientific

GHMC to band some of birds before releasing to see if they come back

Fresh floods result in Srisailam match 25-year-old record

Authorities lift gates, letting out 4,66,081 cusecs of water to downstream Nagarjunasagar

K4 stuck with snare may be pregnant, says official

According to a senior Forest Department official, the tigress, with the snare that has resulted in a severe constriction around its abdomen, might be pregnant.

Tiger movement in Bellampalli prompts police warning on safety

People in Bellampalli and Tandur mandals told to refrain from laying snares and electrified wire fences

Pills aren’t nice little toffees

Those at the helm of affairs choosing untenable, laughable claims only shows their belief that Indians are naive

Karnataka Forest Department launches intensive operation to capture Bandipur tiger

The tiger, is also believed to have been responsible for the killing of at least 14 cattle in the villages abutting the reserve. The latest human victim was a farmer tending to his cattle on Tuesday in Chowdahalli village in the reserve.

Hyderabadi hunters stopped in their tracks in Bandipur

Karnataka Forest Department says it rejected offer of 'services' by Shafat Ali Khan and his son Asghar Ali Khan to capture tiger that is believed to have killed two men in Bandipur Tiger Reserve

Telangana may see slight increase in tiger population

4 tigresses make forests in erstwhile Adilabad, including Kawal reserve, their home

‘Time we spend in Assembly is valuable’

Speaker Pocharam says Assembly should stay focused on issues related to development

Uranium mining: Telangana had shot down revised AMD plans

New proposals talked about using heavy truck mounted drilling equipment along with 4,000 bores to be drilled as part of the exploratory process

Nallamala uranium mining: Opposition still groping in the dark

Despite opposition claims that nod for drilling for uranium in Nalamallas was given, there was no such permission for Atomic Minerals Directorate

Srisailam dam safe and sound: Official

Up to 10 per cent of flood water can safely splash over the dam, says official

Chandrayaan 2: Vikram Lander loses communication with ISRO headquarters

It was not certain whether Chandrayaan managed to land safely owing to a communication breakdown between the spacecraft and ISRO’s earth station.

A piece of Hyderabad on the moon

India’s moon lander Vikram carries with it three payloads, two of which are made with titanium rings, bars and blocks manufactured by Midhani

Where are the otters in Telangana?

“There is no information about where all they are found and how many of them are there in Telangana,” a wildlife official of the State Forest Department told Telangana Today.

Uranium mining in Telangana forests: Impact report under way

Once ready, report to be sent to Union Ministry for approval for exploratory drilling in Nallamala forests

‘Gajwel model’ to be replicated across Telangana

Plans under way for tree planting and afforestation in at least one forest block in all 119 constituencies

Snake travels 2,500 km in Hyderabad Metro

The sleek reptile appeared to have decided to spend some time looking out at the city on its last ride as Metro train No. DB031 snaked along the tracks on Monday afternoon.

Srisailam dam: National Institute of Oceanography urged to study plunge pool pit

Soft rocks, eroding river bed add to plunge pool concerns; AP seeks National Institute of Oceanography’s help

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