Tuesday, September 21, 2021
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Dr. Anand Raj Varma


Imprint of a saint and a brimming degchi

The area of Panje shah houses relics of saints and the Messenger of God and many stories of forgotten riches

Bastions of a different time

At one point of time, Yakutpura played a crucial role in protecting the city from enemy attacks

Cradle of cultures

It is here that one finds modernity standing hand in hand with antiquity. Almost all the names of localities, lanes and by-lanes in the twin cities, especially in Hyderabad

Home of the visionaries

Troop bazar was not only a small outpost for English troops but it was also home to some prominent members of the city

Mirrors of the world

How time stood still in the beautiful palace and gardens of Jahanumma

An ode to the Frenchman

Moosarambagh is one of the few areas still called after its namesake

Palaces lost in time

Exploring two monuments which used to be counted among the many architectural jewels in the city

Man of many talents

Some interesting nuggets from the reign of the seventh Nizam, Mahboob Ali Khan

Aadab arz hai

A greeting style which is followed till date from the times of Nizam

A man of great aesthetic sense

Nobleman Nawab Fakhr-ul-Mulk Bahadur was a man of discerning taste and was known for his attention to detail

Pit stop of the royals

Apart from the Mahboob Mansion, Malakpet has an interesting history with its residents

The resplendent Paigah tombs

Exploring the final resting place of the Paigah nobles which continue to astound visitors throughout the decades

Purdah hai purdah

Not observing purdah could result in an unexpected whipping if one wasn’t careful as one poor lady learnt the hard way

Fourteen seeds of a pomegranate

The story behind the last Golconda ruler’s short regime

Remnants of a legacy

The locality was home to many prominent individuals who served during Mohammed Quli Qutb Shah’s regime

Tales of fifth Nizam

One of the many colourful incidents from the fifth Nizam's life.

Shrines of sand

Tucked away in the locality of Urdu Shareef is the shrine of a sufi saint

Royal coups and stories of noble past

Besides the Golconda fort, the old city used to be the home to many small forts called Kotla

Doorways to a rich past

The small gates in the old city served a very important purpose during the time of Qutb Shahis and Asaf Jahs

Home of the Unani medicine

Once a famous hospital in the area, today the building of Dar-ul-shifa houses an ashoorkhana

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