Author Durjoy Dutta promotes his book in Hyderabad

Author Durjoy Dutta comes to Hyderabad To promote his next book The boy who loved
Author Durjoy Dutta

The author Durjoy Dutta who is quite popular among youngsters as a narrator of simple and gripping love stories was in the city on Saturday to launch his new book. The author seemed to enjoy the question-answer round with the readers a lot.

Durjoy was here to promote his latest release, The Boy Who Loved, which is all about drama, religion, death, romance, despair and love. During the interactive session, he answered all the questions posed by his readers in a very witty way and also met a few of them who visited him during his earlier visit to Hyderabad.

His answers were friendly while he told his fans about his first five books he wrote. “I don’t personally doesn’t like those novels but readers really loved them despite all the books having similar kind of plot,” he said.

Out of all the questions, readers were stuck on one – the continuation story of The Boy Who Loved – and were really keen on knowing all about the sequel. Assuring them they would soon know it, Durjoy said, “Readers will get to read in December when the second part will be published.”