Asli dhaba touch


Located on the fifth floor of the City Centre mall, Angeethi is known for its unique ambience and flavourful taste. It gives people the feel of a dhaba environment where passers-by stop to have yummy meals.

The interiors are done in a typical dhaba that reminds you of a highway dhaba. The walls of the restaurant are covered with old film posters which give it an asli dhaba look. The best spot in the restaurant is a well that is located in the centre of the restaurant with a direction board showing indicating various places. This attracts a lot of attention from visitors who love posing with it. Angeethi was the only place in the city with a typical village setting when it started.

Coming to the finger-licking good food, the place has a wide variety to offer in both ala carte and buffet. From their mouth-watering kebabs and biryani which have a typical Lucknowi touch, one should not miss the Paya shorba that is pipping hot and spicy. You can also try kebabs like Dilwali teeka murgh, Batti ka champ and Sikander raan that are so tender and tasty that they just melt in your mouth. The spice level is just perfect and the kebabs are cooked in a tandoor that gives them a perfect smoky taste.

After the starters, next comes Hyderabadis beloved Biryani. They have an amazing pan biryani which is available only in Angeethi. Prepared in both chicken and mutton variants, this pan biryani is a signature dish. It is not a competition to the Hyderabadi Biryani but has a different taste.

Now comes the finishing touch to the meal — the sweet paan on offer. You can also try some chatpati chaat which is served as per your liking.

Buffet is available only in the afternoons, whereas a la carte is open for lunch and dinner. The buffet is priced at Rs 649 including taxes, while ala carte pricing depends on what you pick.


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