Artist Sujata Bajaj gives a new perspective to ‘Ganapati’

Sujata Bajaj

Titled ‘Ganapati’, this exhibition happening at Kalakriti Art Gallery is all about the Elephant God in various forms. The artist Sujata Bajaj chose different mediums to portray Him, but the essence and divinity is carried all through the series.

In bright tones of red, green and orange, every picture describes Lord Ganapati in its own way. In one picture you see His complete form, but in the others, only the eyes and trunk are prominently highlighted.

Sujata BajajThe exhibition is divided into different sections to make it easier for the visitors. The moment you step in, the first thing that you will notice is her collector’s item book. This book gives every detail of the project and how she explored the subject. This opens up the viewer to a new world.

The section that the visitors would get a glimpse of His varied forms is etching. Here Ganapati is in a totally different avatar. There are different elements like colour, composition and the background that speak for themselves.

The colour combination that the artist has chosen captures the attention of the viewers. One can see a perfect blend of shades like gold, black, red and yellow which do not dominate, but compliment each other. They reflect the influences of the various countries and cultures.

Moving ahead, we will now explore the mixed medium where each painting opens a new perspective. These works are titled and they have a meaning to it. Composition plays a prominent role and not everyone can decode the works. The artist has definitely put in some thought and that reflects in all her works.

The last section of the exhibition is the sculptures that are set against black walls to make an impact. Made in fibre glass, these sculptures have been inspired from her etching. The artist included various elements like the Sanskrit scriptures, geometrical shapes and bright colours. The sculptures are in unusual shapes yet perfect in their own way. One can see that the artist experimented with a lot of elements.

The exhibition is open for public till December 20.