Arrow Electronics, Freelancer join hands

Arrow Electronics
Design solutions will be developed for sectors such as consumer electronics, transportation, healthcare and cloud security.

Hyderabad: US-based Arrow Electronics, a Fortune 500 technology solutions and engineering company has partnered with Australia-based, the world’s largest freelancing and crowdsourcing marketplace, to jointly launch a platform. The aim is to help design and build hardware products through electronic and electrical engineers from across the world, including India. CEO and chairman Matt Barrie told Telangana Today, “Arrow has existing demand from Fortune 500 and large enterprises across the US, Europe and Asia which will now be fed into the platform-ArrowPlus powered by Freelancer. The engineers will be global, with strong representation across India and Asia.”

He added, “India will be a large provider of highly skilled engineering talent. For instance, Arrow recently acquired eInfoChips, which will be on the platform and has 1,700 employees worldwide. It provides product engineering and semiconductor design services with offices in Ahmedabad, involving in device, digital, silicon and quality engineering. Other cities in India with top engineering talent include Hyderabad, Bengaluru and Pune.”

The platform will transform the way products will be designed, manufactured and delivered to market. On-demand engineering will catalyse a change in research and development, cutting time from years to months through access to a global network of highly diverse technical talent by reducing cost to market.

Combining synergies

Arrow Electronics guides innovation for over 2,00,000 technology manufacturers and service providers. With sales of $30 billion in 2018 and ranked at 113 in the Fortune 500, Arrow brings to the collaboration a large volume of high value projects. which has more than 32 million users around the world brings to the collaboration its expertise in running global online services marketplaces. Organisations such as NASA and the US Department of Energy are using it to crowdsource technology solutions. NASA recently published a whitepaper where it showed that their cost reduction from using was between 80 and 99 per cent and the quality was such that 97 per cent of work tasked could be used in the US Federal Government programmes.

The new platform is designed to solve sophisticated technology problems spanning consumer electronics, transportation, healthcare, industrial, internet of things (IoT), telecommunications, biomedical, cloud security, firmware, hardware, and connected products in every industry.

As per the plan, the partners will enable engineers to take part in the full life cycle for electronic & electrical engineering that will include ideation & prototyping, analog & digital design, printed circuit board design, custom requirements to product delivery, component consolidation and cost reduction, redesign for smaller size, documentation & translation, development of firmware, real-time embedded software development, integrated circuit design to facilitating manufacturing.

When asked about the intellectual property protection, Matt informed, “Tasking work through any online marketplace is no different from tasking work in the real world with service providers. All projects on ArrowFreelancer are covered by a non-disclosure agreement upgrade and companies will retain freelancers who understand standard contracting arrangements which will include confidentiality and intellectual property transfer.”