Apple patents micro LED display for fitness band, iPads and more

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Beijing: Apple has reportedly patented a Micro-LED display for future MacBook, iPads and a fitness band. Apple is looking ahead to make a move to Mini-LED displays for its high-end iPad as well as MacBook models, reports GizmoChina.

Micro-LED has the double advantage of offering less power consumption than the current Apple Watch screens, and of being thinner, too. It also offers a faster update rate and a wider viewing angle.

The main barrier to adoption is the micro-LED manufacturing process, which is complicated – glass substrates are used which need a lot of testing.

Earlier, Apple was granted a patent for Fitness Band that may use micro-LED, but there’s no confirmation if the company is actually planning to enter that segment.

Apple could be using the MicroLED Display panel for the seventh-generation Apple Watch.

According to reports, Apple is investing around $330 million in the Taiwan-based company for a micro-LED factory that will manufacture displays for future iPhones, iPads, MacBooks, and other devices from Apple.