Andhra Pradesh: Woman forced to deliver in auto in Rajahmundry


Amaravati: A woman gave birth to a baby in an autorickshaw after medical staff in a government hospital allegedly refused to admit her in Rajahmundry town of Andhra Pradesh. The appalling incident took place on April 20, but it came to light after her relatives released videos of the incident on Saturday.

The woman, N Ramalakshmi (24) of Kolamuru village near Rajahmundry, reportedly went to the Government General Hospital, Rajahmundry, for a checkup on the morning of April 20, hospital superintendent Dr Ramesh Kishore said.

“The doctors admitted the patient in the hospital around 12 noon and assessed the delivery date as May 10. Then, around 2 pm on the same day, the concerned duty doctor Vasundara discharged the patient by wrongly assessing the pregnancy date. Based on her suggestions, the patient went home. Within hours after the discharge, around 4 pm, the patient experienced pains and the family members brought her in an auto rickshaw to the Rajahmundry hospital again. While they were travelling, the mother gave birth to the baby,” Dr Kishore explained.

Admitting the negligence of the duty doctor, the superintendent said a memo was being issued to the doctor to explain why she failed to assess the delivery date. The baby and her mother were safe after delivery.

The family members, however, accused the doctors of being irresponsible and alleged that the woman was sent back without admitting her, leading to the childbirth in an autorickshaw.

The victims blamed the doctors, alleging that despite bringing the mother to the hospital well in advance, the doctors did not admit her in the hospital. Adding to that, the doctors did not check the possible delivery date properly and sent her back, the victims said in the footage.


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