An ode to Idli


It has always been an immensely satisfying feeling — to wake up in the morning, freshen up and walk towards the kitchen, allured by the aroma of coffee or tea, to the sight of steaming idlis served on the plate with some piping hot sambar or mouth-watering chutneys for accompaniment.

We couldn’t wait to dig our teeth into the innocent-looking white fluffs and relish what the world reckons as one of the healthiest breakfasts. Those who thought this was a strictly south Indian affair, woke up to a pleasant surprise on March 30, as internet celebrated World Idli Day, with netizens gushing over their favourite dish.

#WorldIdliDay was trending high on Twitter, with celebrities like Shashi Tharoor, as well as a whole lot of tweeple, from all walks of life and corners of the country, enthusiastically sharing pictures, health benefits, history, evolution and the wide variety of idlis available, on the platform.