Amrutharamam: A tale of love and sacrifice

Lead actors Amitha Ranganath and Ram Mittakanti impressed with their acting skills.

Romance has been the mainstay of Telugu cinema irrespective of genres. With regular cliched themes of boy-meets-girl and boy-loses-girl storylines churned out every week, only few movies from the lot get instant connect with audiences. And, the soon-to-be-released love tale titled ‘Amrutharamam’ starring Ram Mittakanti and Amitha Ranganath has something unique to offer.

Romance as the dominant part of the plot, director Surender Kontaddi weaves a love story taking characters from Australia. Whether or not the story of a love couple is inspired by true incidents at a far-off place somewhere in Australia, the movie attempts to show how the contemporary life plans and goals influence the present generation at the same time depicting pain and sacrifice involved in their short journey.

Ram completes his master programme along with friends in Australia and waits for a right employment that suits his skill sets. However, life appears miserable as he drains out all his money. But he doesn’t lose hope in searching for his dream job. His passport is held back for money he owes to a wealthy Telugu financier, who is a native of Rayalaseema, residing in Australia.

Meanwhile, girl from India named Amrutha arrives in Australia to pursue her dreams and walk out with a degree from one of the reputed universities. By the very first glance at Ram, Amrutha thinks she found her love. Amrutha gets amused by her friend Ram at the airport, and is being assisted by Ram now and then as she is new to the country.

And the couple feel refreshing every minute as they enjoy each other’s company. Their short friendship blooms suddenly into an unflinching love. Time flies as they have no worry about past or future. However, things get messier after Amrutha wants to move forward in life by marrying Ram. Ram starts to feel embarrassed, whenever the topic shifts toward employment. Amrutha wants Ram to repay the debt that he had taken from the Telugu financier. He starts to feel his self-respect being robbed. Abhay, a batchmate of Ram, boasts of success in the foreign land and with his crooked nature and misogynistic smile, tries to get closer to Amrutha.

The next half of the movie tells what is in store for the girl who comes with a bundle of hope and for the boy who awaits a chance to make his parents proud back home. The entire movie is shot in locations of New South Wales in Australia. With her craft and her performance on the screen, female lead Amitha Ranganath grabs the attention again. Ram Mittakanti is also impressive with his acting skills. Sreejith Gangadharan, as Amrutha’s brother, too chips in well with his funny Telugu accent. Actor JD Cherukuru as a wealthy financier settled in Australia, too does his best.

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