Alumni of Rudrangi ZPHS display ‘Guru Dakshina’ in letter and spirit

Teacher Raghu in front of the tiffin centre.

Jagitial: In a rare yet genuine display of the age-old tradition of ‘Guru Dakshina’, the alumni of Rudrangi ZPHS in Jagitial came to the rescue of their jobless English teacher by setting up an eatery-cum-chicken centre at Ambaripet crossroads at a cost of Rs 1 lakh.

Like scores of others in the teaching profession, 52-year-old Hanumandla Raghu too lost his job at Vijay Vidyanikethan, Thandriyal, during the coronavirus-triggered lockdown. Raghu, who holds a Master’s degree and a B.Ed, was drawing a salary of Rs 13,000 in his last job, the only source of livelihood for the family.

Kalikota MPTC Ganga Reddy, who was Raghu’s student in Rudrangi ZPHS, used to keep in touch with him, and post the lockdown, during one of the phone calls, he came to know about his teacher’s pathetic condition. Ganga Reddy, who was part of the WhatsApp group of the SSC batch of 1997-98 from the school, immediately got down to the job of helping his teacher and shared Raghu’s plight in the group. The teacher was apparently not even in a position to pay the rent for his house.

The move soon worked and the group, comprising about 40 members, managed to collect Rs 1.2 lakh to help Raghu, who when asked how they could help him with the money, suggested setting up a tiffin centre-cum-chicken shop. And on Sunday last, Raghu’s wish came true when the eatery went operational.

Speaking to ‘Telangana Today’, Ganga Reddy said he was upset when he came to know that Raghu was in desperate need of help. “When I shared the situation on the WhatsApp group, all the batchmates responded positively and contributed their mite,” he said, adding that even their juniors pitched in when they came to know of his plight.

Raghu, a native of Potharam in Kathalapur mandal, was always passionate about the English language and took up teaching as a profession after completing his graduation in 1993. After working as a teacher in private and government schools for 15 years, he went to Dubai in search of greener pastures in 2008 but returned within seven months due to health problems. He got back into teaching. His situation was all the more grim because he underwent a heart surgery in 2017.

Overjoyed by the support extended by his former students, Raghu, a father of two daughters and a son, said he was indeed fortunate to have such great students. “I have no words to express my gratitude to my students. All I can say is that this should serve as an inspiration to present generation students,” Raghu said.

Well, the good tidings for Raghu do not stop with the tiffin centre. Students of another batch have now decided to construct a small house for Raghu, sources said.