Airedale Terriers are loved for their loyalty and outgoing nature


Airedale Terrier are said to have originated from the Aire Valley of Yorkshire. They are also from the Terrier family and are known to be the king of Terriers because of their size. If you are looking for an outgoing and loyal friend for your kids, than consider Airedales.


Airedales weigh about 19-25 kgs and are 58 – 61 cm tall. They are known for their energetic, confident, trustworthy and fearless nature. It is also easy to train them. Just try not to treat them insensitively because they are also said to hold grudges. Their constant barking can be disturbing, so train them well.

Grooming & health

When it comes to Airedales, the most important thing to keep in mind is to groom their coat whenever needed. Hand striping and clipping every six to eight weeks is ideal.
Airedales have a lifespan of about eleven years and the most common cause of death is cancer. Eye infection, skin disease and hip dysplasia are other causes. Be watchful about your Airedale getting a skin infection because of their thick coat. Having said all of that, Airedales are a otherwise healthy breed.